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55 Killed in Airstrikes on Yemeni Port of Hodeida

Hodeida (August 04, 2018): 55 people have been killed while 170 other are injured in airstrikes on the rebel-held Hodeida, port city of Yemen.

According to details, a series of explosions on Yemen’s rebel-held port city of Hodeida, killed 55 civilians and wounded dozens of others. While, two ambulances were also destroyed during explosions.  Johannes Bruwer, Head of the delegation in Yemen for the International Committee of the Red Cross, mentioned that the attack took place close to the city’s main public hospital and near a fish market.

According to eye-witnesses, at least 20 people were killed in an air strike at the entrance to a hospital and the bombardment of a fish market in the Red Sea city of Hodeida.

According to details, the western port of Hodeida is the main point of arrival for aid supplies to Yemen. According to reports, around 8.4 million people are believed to be close to starvation in Hodeida.It may be recalled that Yemeni government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition have been conducting an offensive to capture Hodeida from Iran-backed Houthi rebels but announced last month they were pausing the assault to give UN mediation efforts a chance.

But, strikes have picked up again around Hodeida since the Saudis last week said that two oil tankers operated by one of the kingdom’s companies were attacked in the waters of the Red Sea.

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