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6.4 magnitude quake strikes off Indonesia, 18 dead

JAKARTA: Eighteen people have reportedly died while dozens of others are injured as a strong 6.5 magnitude earth quake stuck off Aceh province of Indonesia’s Sumatra island in the wee hours on Wednesday.

The 6.5 magnitude quake hit just north of the small town of Reuleuet, the US Geologicl Survey said. Tsunami alert is not issued yet.

Chief of the local disaster management said that an elderly man had died, possibly from a heart attack and there were fears for dozens believed to be trapped inside damaged homes. He said that several homes were caved in Pidie Jaya district and the many trapped there.

He said that they were deploying heavy machinery to help out and hopefully we can save the ones who were trapped.

The Us Geological Survey said the shallow quake was centred about 20 kilometers north of Reuleut and 92 kilometers south of Banda Aceh, at the depth of 8.2 kilometers.