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60 per cent Pakistani Support Ban on Padmavat Screening

Web Desk (February 08, 2018): The 60 percent of social media viewers, giving their opinion  in Abbtakk News poll, supported the ban on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmavat in Pakistan.

Abbtakk News sought opinions of social media viewers through poll on Twitter asking “Should  Padmavat’s screening ban in Pakistan? People stormed twitter and expressed their opinion using options yes, no or not known.

After the Given time 60 per cent of Pakistani voted for yes, while 30 per cent say no and 10 per cent tick for not known.

When the same question asked on Facebook, 64 per cent supported ban and 36 per cent opposed ban on screening of the film in Pakistan. Malaysia has already banned Bollywood epic Padmavat, that has enraged Hindu radicals in India, said that it portrayed Islam in a bad light.The national censorship board said it took the tough measure “because the plot of the movie gave a bad image about Islam through the role played by a (Muslim) sultan,” it said in a statement.In India, the movie has fuelled anger among hardline Hindu activists over its portrayal of a legendary Hindu queen which led to the film sets being vandalized.

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