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60th Birth Anniversary of ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson

Web Desk (August 29, 2018): 60th birth anniversary of ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson is being celebrated today. One of the most successful musicians of American history, Michael Jackson’s talent was center of attention for over 40 years and his songs are still favorite and quite popular among fans. To leave his undying impression on Pop music, Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 at Gary, USA and entered the vast World of music at the age of 5.He started his musical journey in 1964, joining his brothers’ pop group called ‘Jackson 5’, whose first music album was ‘I want you back’, which was a huge hit across the world and got him fans for life. Michael Jackson earned himself all new recognition in World of music, through his solo album ‘Off The Wall’. Another album of him, ‘Thriller’ released in 1982, formed all new records and was declared as the ‘most-selling’ album of the World. Apart from his voice and songs, his unique dance moves were also popular among fans across the World, and one his styles ‘Moon Walk’ became an identity for him. He had some blockbusters including ‘Beat It’, ‘Bed’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Billie Jean’, to his name. He also recorded a hymn called ‘Give Thanks to Allah’, which raised rumors of him accepting Islam.On June 25, 2009, Jackson stopped breathing while attempting to sleep under the care of his personal physician. Jackson had an unparalleled worldwide influence over the younger generation through his musical and humanitarian works.

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