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625 people fall prey to targeted killing in Karachi in 2016

KARACHI: Despite the improved law and order situation in the financial hub of the country, some 625 people were killed in incidents of targeted killings during the current years.

Highest number of targeted killings happened during April, May and July. In April, 73 people were killed in targeted killing incidents, in May 61 and in July 63 people were killed.

Among the prominent figures killed in the targeted killing during the years are social activist Khurram Zaki, renowned Qawal Amjad Sabri, and religious scholar Maulana Habib.

Following the unprecedented increase in incidents of targeted killings, extortion, terrorism and other criminal activities, in 2014 Rangers and police launched the ongoing targeted Karachi operation, which brought down crimes rates in the city greatly .

However, despite the ongoing operation some 625 people were killed in the incidents of targeted killings in the city during the current year.