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70 years passed for US bombing attack on Hiroshima

70 years have been passed to United States’ atomic attack on Hiroshima, the area of Japan, where prayer ceremony was hold in the memory of 2 lakh people, who lost their lives in the horrific destruction.

In second world war, US attacked with atomic bomb to defeat Japan in the city of Hiroshima, while a bomber aircraft of US threw his first atom bomb at 8:15 a.m.

Due to which two lakh people lost their lives, thousands were burnt and several were became paralized, while temperature was raised till one lakh centigrade.

While, on completion of two years to great tragedy of the history, Japanian Prime Minister Shinzo  Abe along with thousands of people attended  the prayer ceremony at memorable place, meanwhile, a minute of silence was observed, bells were rang, and dove, the sign of peace were free in the air.

However, thousands of lanterns were left in Motoyaso river.