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PM Imran Terms Youths As Country’s Precious Asset

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan says youth is the biggest asset of Pakistan and the government is giving due attention to financially empower them.

Addressing cheques distribution ceremony of Kamyab Jawan Program in Karachi today, he said such programmes are vital in the development of any countries.

He said society can develop only when the youth of the country are given opportunities in lifting the nation.

He said Pakistan has the second youngest population in the world and their talent can be harnessed for progress and prosperity of the country.

He said under Hunarmand Jawan Program, the government has started programmes for skill development of our youth.

The Prime Minister said youth can change an economic lot of the country.

He said this program is aimed at youth and its success will depend on awarding the loans on merit.

The Prime Minister said merit defines the success of any society. He said programmes fail when dishonesty comes and meritocracy is ignored.

Imran Khan said the country is blessed with rich mineral deposits, cultural sites and other blessings.

He said our country is endowed with rich talent but that was not given attention in past.

Citing the success of overseas Pakistanis, the Prime Minister said that is only due to merit in those societies.

The Prime Minister regretted that in past institutions of the country weakened due to ignoring of merit and giving preference to people on the basis of nepotism.

He said Ehsaas program started by the government at the cost of 190 billion rupees help uplift the downtrodden and poor masses of the country.