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950 Gold Miners Trapped Underground in South Africa

Welkom (February 2, 2018): At least 950 gold miners were stuck underground in South Africa on Thursday after a power cut, the mine´s owner said, though the workers were not reported to be in immediate danger.

The Sibanye-Stillwater mining company said a massive power outage caused by a storm had prevented lifts from bringing the night shift to the surface at the Beatrix gold mine, near the city of Welkom.“We have got 955 employees still underground, they are in a confined and safe area, it´s the shaft waiting area (and) there is ventilation, we are supplying them with water and food,”  said James Wellsted, spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater.

 “So everybody is fine at the moment. We are trying to restore power so we can start hoisting them to the surface,” he said, speaking on the phone from the mine.

He said the depth where the miners were trapped was uncertain, but the mine has 23 levels, going down to about 1,000 metres (3280 feet) below ground.One cable was restored during the day and 272 workers were rescued, but 955 remained trapped by early evening, the company said.

They have been underground for 24 hours. Wellsted said that engineers were struggling to get emergency generators to operate and re-start the lifts following the storm.

“We are having some issues — probably related to the power surge linked to the storm — in getting the winders working, so we are busy working on that issue at the moment,” he added.“Last night there was a severe storm in the Free State (province) that affected two different power cables… and cut off all electricity supply to the mine, so we were unable to bring the night shift up.”

Back-up power generators failed to kick in due to a software issue “and we are trying to solve that problem,” said Wellsted.

The Beatrix mine is in Free State province, 290 kilometres (180 miles) southwest of Johannesburg.

AMCU, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, said that the workers stuck underground were facing major health and safety risks.

“AMCU views this incident as extreme due to the sheer number of workers involved,” it said in a statement.

“The incident raises serious concern regarding the lacking emergency contingency plans at the mine for alternative and back-up power generation.”

It said workers´ lives could be in danger, especially if they were on medication.

Another mining union the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) complained about mine safety and called on mineworkers to refuse to work in “dangerous conditions”.

“Major multinational corporations like Sibanye-Stillwater which should be industry leaders in creating a safety culture are doing far too little to prevent accidents,” the union said in a statement.

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