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A 22 years old girl kill by her brother in Toba Tek Singh.

TOBA TEK SHINGH: In a heartbreaking incident in Toba Tek Singh district’s remote area Chak-477, a youth along with his father murdered his young sister with a pillow.

As per detail, Accused Faisal with the help of his father Abdul Sattar forced the pillow on the victim’s face for three minutes, suffocating her to death and then buried her dead body in an attempt to conceal their heinous crime.

In the video, it can be seen that the youth also asked his father to give him water after the murder while his brother and sister-in-law were also present in the room.

The police have registered a case and arrested both the killers after exhuming the grave of the deceased girl.

According to the post-martem report, the neck bones of the deceased Maria are broken, while there are also marks of torture on the body.

DPO Ibadat Nisar told the media that the accused elder brother of the victim is identified as Shehbaz who made the video of the incident.

In the video, Maria’s brother Shehbaz could be heard to suggest his father and younger brother Faisal to free the sister.

DPO Ibadat Nisar said police raids are being conducted to arrest the accused Shehbaz who made the video

According to the police, 22 year old Maria was strangled to death by her brother and father , Maria was killed at midnight on March 17 and 18

The sister-in-law of the victim seen in the video and the brother who made the video exclusively talked to a TV channel and appealed to the police to register a case against the killers on their complaint.

According to the statement of the deceased’s elder brother Shehbaz, the father and brother used to rape the victim Maria. He said they came into the room to save Maria but were threatened by his father and brother to kill his daughters too.

Shehbaz said he made the video of the sister’s murder on the pretext of a phone call from a friend. Shehbaz said his father and brother had come to know that his wife was informed by Maria about the rape.