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A Few Hours Rain Exposed Shehbaz Uplift Claims: Samsam

LAHORE: The information minister Punjab Samsam Bukhari alleged on Wednesday that the few days of rain has exposed the corruption and claims of the Shehabaz Sharif, former Punjab minister.

In a statement, the provincial information minister said that drowned roads and people could not be seen by the previous rulers who were claiming development of the provincial capital.

“But they were busy in looting money in mega projects and now people are asking where is the big funds of megacities spent,” he said.

Minister alleged that those claimed turning Lahore into Paris instead they turned the city into Venus. He mentioned that the rulers who ruled over Punjab six times never designed long term planning as each department seemed full of corruption.

He claimed the present government has started work in each department of the government and soon people will get rid of serious problems.