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A Silent Success: Pakistan’s Diplomacy Work On Western Nations

By: Ahmed Mukhtar Naqshbandi

No government can claim a better success in the face of a so large propaganda of alienation from within or across the borders. SCO has inducted Pakistan as full member, though a similar status is offered to India too.

But considering a false image of Indian hegemony and Pakistan’s following its temperament, this success is no small. First Pakistan became a key nation to offer access to China’s Silk road from its territory. China made Pakistan a chief pillar of its OBOR policy, that is growing day by day as its turning into a reality.

A huge hue and cry first started and a blur future was painted to Middle Eastern Nations by India, USA and EU. They started heavily and negatively investing in Balochistan. Many foreign agents other than Indian Commander Kalbhoshan Jadev were arrested with bundles of cash for Baloch separatists. That entire scheme gradually fell apart and went in vein.Then a debate of Eastern and Western route to Gawadar access from China border died its own death, when first caravan of Chinese trucks filled with traded goods reached Gawadar through Western Route. Similarly a train of Chinese goods reached Chabahar in nearly two weeks, eliminated risks and doubts within Iran. Iran got assurance for future fruits of the trade. Gradually these propaganda campaigns and opponent factors turned dead.

“I will sell it to any other Chinese, if this group does not pay well”, says a textile miller when talks for sale of his set-up failed with one Chinese group. Chinese investors have reached in Punjab and other provinces and buying the mills and entities, fit in their model of trade.
A large number of Chinese workers are working in Balochistan and Gawadar area.Indian another campaign through Afghanistan and Iran to spread terrorism saw dying days. Afghan border is closing, leaving fewer threats of transferring terror across the border. Recent attacks on Chinese in Quetta and every Chinese have two guards with 21000 guard force is raised, gave better hopes for future security of Chinese in Pakistan.

Central Asian Republic (CAR) Nations of SCO have alarmed Afghan governments more than once to cut ties with India, which spreading terror only to thwart Eastern bloc. When Afghan will become part of OBOR, they will also start counting currency notes through development than bullets.

Pakistan, with Chinese and Russian support is now gradually gaining grounds. In last three months many EU nations’ Reps visited and sought opportunities in OBOR’s routes in Pakistan. Trucks of Germany to machines of Holland, all are jumping in.

Pakistan’s patience and mature approach offering fruits from its diplomacy to economy. Opponents are reducing and fellows are growing. Former Pak-army chief as he would be heading an army with an arsenal of $ 300 bln for a vast Muslim land, it would be another Muslim NATO, an old dream of Pakistan and other nations for their security against any aggression. Killing and cutting Muslims minorities are so easy in the world, Muslims still feel insecure without a global army.
So grounds for future diplomatic gains are slower but deeper and strong. Reducing rifts among the Muslims would enhance the gains. All in all, Pakistan will earn triumph, Inshallah.

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