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Aamir Khan Doesn’t Charge Fee For Films

Entertainment Desk (November 01, 2018): Aamir Khan, who has made blockbuster films, said that he doesn’t charge a single rupee for the films.

Khans in B-town often charge an exorbitant amount of some hundred crores and that is something which will never change. The bigger the star, the bigger is their fee.

However, contrary to the ongoing canon, not many know that Aamir Khan has actually stopped charging a fee for his movies.Talking in a media interaction, Aamir revealed, “Actually I don’t charge a fee. People don’t know that, but it has been years since I have stopped charging a fee.”

It all started when Shabana Azmi, who was sitting in the audience at the event, took the chance and asked him about stars demanding 80 per cent as their fee, and that how can one make a successful film with just 20 per cent left in hand.

Quite a valid question we must say, got us thinking as well.

To which Aamir explained, that his way of earning money is different. He doesn’t charge a single penny until the makers have recovered all their costs of making of the film, including promotions to the producer’s profit. Revealing his model he said, if the film fails, he gets nothing and if it is successful, he has a higher profit share. The actor said he has always ensured that his producers earn money, as it helps secure his career and film choices.

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