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Abbtakk Aims Fully Vaccinated Staff By July 15 ,2021

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to prevent disease and save lives. When we get vaccinated, we aren’t just protecting ourselves, but also those around us.

Abb Takk News Management bound all Employees for corona vaccine. During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination continues to be critically important.

When a person gets vaccinated against a disease, their risk of infection is also reduced – so they’re also less likely to transmit the virus or bacteria to others.

As more people in a community get vaccinated, fewer people remain vulnerable and there is less possibility for an infected person to pass the pathogen on to another person.

Mission of “Abb Takk” to corona free all its employees, The NCOC announced that every adult 19 and above is eligible for vaccine.

Fully vaccinated offices will bring confidence among all staff members; in efforts to quash covid from Pakistan, M.D and Founder of ABBTAKK Syed Fahad Ali Shah announced fully vaccinated staff by 15th July 2021.