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Abbtakk news acquires CCTV footage of attack on police in Orangi Town

Sindh Rangers and Police have jointly started investigation  into the attacks on police personnel in Orangi Town area of Karachi jointly. Al least eight terrorists on four motor-bikes attacked the policemen and no resistance was shown from the police.

The attack on the policemen in the Orangi Town vicinity raised several questions. Anti- Polio drive was on progress, the area was sensative, security was on hight alert, additonal contingent was deployed, within the 200 meter circumference the gang of torrorists were fled spreading terror in the area but  no any resistance was seen from the police.

According to the police, the eight terrorists on four motor-bikes wearing helmets ambushed and targeted personnel in the first attack and then they travelled distance of 200 yards and attacked then targerted policemen on second place. Different types of ammunition were used in  the attacks.

The targeted police van’s CCTV camera was not working. Despite clear instructions martyred personnels were not weared bullet proof jackets and helmets. As many as 16 persons have taken into the custody from the area.

On the other hand Abbtakk News has accquiered CCTV footage of the attack. As per the footage the terrorists opened fire on  the police personnel hiding behind the rickshaw. All the terrorists were wearing paint and shirt. One of the terrorists was wearing helmet and other has a cap on his head. The terrorist also took arms of the police personnel and then fled from the scene.

According to the police three martryed policmen belonged to Ghothki and they were deployed on the securutiy of the anti-polio drive team.