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Syed Fahad Ali Shah Founder and M.D of ABBTAKK News Network Announced Jobs For Special Skilled Persons

KARACHI: Physically challenged persons in Pakistan do not get a fair deal. Their basic needs remains unfulfilled and society at large ignores them as if their hardships are not worth paying attention to.

There are minimal job opportunities for special persons in public and private sector and employers do not consider them suitable.

Specially in media doors are completely closed for the persons having any disability. On one hand media in Pakistan usually do not give attention to the miseries and problems of special persons while on the other hand their right of equal opportunities also being denied.

Taking lead, MD and founder of ABB TAKK TV Syed Fahad Ali Shah announced jobs for special persons in his esteemed organization.

According to the official announcement of ABB TAKK management, special persons shall be treated equally when he/she will apply in ABB TAKK News for any post.

All skilled persons having any disability can now apply in ABB TAKK News for all job descriptions.
The historic step of Abbtakk will provide equal opportunities to the most neglected segment of the society. It will also fight the misconceptions about disability and special needs people in Pakistan.

As Abbtakk’s vision for a progressive , all inclusive Pakistan, we are proud to take lead in this regard. We believe Pakistani media has huge responsiblity in this regard and we will be ensuring out duty is done.