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Abdul Hafeez Sheikh Chairs ECC Meeting Today

ISLAMABAD: Financial Adviser Abdul Hafeez Sheikh will chair a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to discuss on 16-points agenda today (Wednesday).

As per details, Financial Adviser Hafeez Sheikh will chair a meeting of the ECC to discuss on 16 points agenda in Islamabad today.

During the meeting, the committee will discuss the provision of 150 Mega Watts (MW) additional power supply to the K-Electric. This decision will be discussed to provide relief to the masses and will reduce the load shedding in the metropolis.

However, the additional power supply will be sanctioned for a period of two years.

The ECC will also discuss upon the proposal of reducing the power tariff of the industries by Rs3 per unit.

The committee will also discuss on providing an additional subsidy of Rs1.80 billion to TESCO.

Economic Committee will also discuss the expected target for purchasing wheat for the public sector during the session.

During the meeting, the committee will also review a summary of providing tax relief to the projects funded by Saudi Arabia.

The coordination committee will also approve the re-landing of a loan from China’s Exim bank for Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan.