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Abid Boxer Declared Innocent In Five Cases

Lahore(October 17, 2018): Investigation officer on Wednesday has declared Policeman, Abid Boxer innocent in fix cases in a local court.

Boxer was accused of killing, fraud and involvement in other heinous crimes.

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Sessions court of Lahore heard cases against Abid Boxer, in which investigation officer submitted his report in the court soon after the hearing went underway.

Abid Boxer has nothing do with the fraud and fake cheque cases, 5 cases lodged against him are based on the lie, Investigation officer informed the court.The IO informed the court that investigations against him in the remaining 4 cases is underway.

The court later adjourned the hearing after summoning detailed report in the remaining cases.

Earlier on October 13, Lahore session court extended bail of former police officer Abid Boxer. On Abid request, the court merged his ten cases in a single court.

According to the sources, Abid Boxer appeared in session court due to allegation of fraudulent , armed man, kidnapping and harassment cases. Due to Additional Session judge Javed Ashraf was on leave, duty judge had heard the case.

Earlier on, Abid Boxer lawyer Azar Lateef Khan appealed in the court for further delay in hearing of the case, to which court accepted and set the hearing of the case on 17 October.

On the other hand, on lawyers appealed, the court also accepted to merge all ten cases in a single court, which were reported in five different police stations, sources said.

All FIR and cases were falsely filed on me on behalf of former chief minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, Abid Boxer claimed.

Earlier on August 4, during the hearing, the counsel requested to extend his client’s interim bail as ten baseless cases under the provisions of murder, attempt to murder and kidnapping were filed against him.

The judge has ordered the accused to cooperate in the investigation and extended his bail.Abid Boxer, who was arrested in Dubai, wielded considerable influence among political and showbiz circles due to his extra-judicial tactics in disposing off hardcore criminals. He became wanted only when he was found involved in murders or abetment of murders of several individuals.

In 2002, Abid Boxer made stage artist Nargis the victim of his high-handed violence. Out of fear, many artists were compelled to keep good terms with him.Among his crime-partners include a former police officer Naveed Saeed who was killed in 2005 in Satokatla and land grabbers like Malik Ihsan, Gogi Butt and Taifi Butt, who were backing him financially during his stay abroad.

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