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AC Extends Agha Siraj’s Physical Remand For 10 Days

KARACHI: Accountability court extended Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani’s physical remand for ten days in assets beyond known sources of income case.

As the hearing went underway, Agha Siraj, who was produced by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) before the court, said that his family members are being suspects in the case.

While addressing the court, Siraj Durrani said that he is being kept in a small room which has no access to light.

“There is no television or newspaper in the room I am kept in. I’m not even allowed to meet my family members. Even my chef is arrested”, he added.

Clarifying Siraj’s complaints regarding the arrest of his chef who had ‘nothing to do with the case’ according to him, NAB Prosecutor revealed that the chef was arrested because huge sums of money were transacted in his bank account.

NAB Prosecutor pleaded before the Accountability Court to grant a 15-day extension in Agha Siraj’s physical remand for probing into the case.

However, court, rejecting NAB’s plea, extended arrested assembly speaker’s remand for 10 days.