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ACT sentences mother to death for burning alive daughter for free will marriage

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore on Monday sentenced a mother to death for burning her daughter.

The girl, Zeenat Rafiq, 18, was set on fire by her mother Parveen Bibi alive in June 2016 after she contracted a ‘free-will marriage’.

Parveen Bibi had earlier confessed she had murdered her daughter for “bringing shame to the family”.

Police had suspected that Parveen was helped by her son and son-in-law in killing the girl.

ATC-IV judge Chaudhry Muhammad Ilyas on Monday sentenced Parveen to death, and sentenced Zeenat’s brother Anees to life in prison. Zeenat’s sister’s husband was acquitted in the case.

Parveen accepted responsibility for Zeenat’s death.

Zeenat’s husband, Hasan Khan last June had agreed to let his wife return to her home after her family promised, in the days before her murder, to organise a traditional wedding reception for the couple.