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Afghan Govt Proposes Lists For Negotiating Team, Reconciliation Council

KABUL: The Afghan government has prepared two lists of 22 individuals for peace negotiations with the Taliban and a list of 37 people as members of the Council for Reconciliation.

The lists were discussed in the first meeting of the Reconciliation Council at the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

Sources told that the government has agreed for Afghans inside and outside the government participate in the upcoming meeting with the Taliban in Doha on 14-15 April.

Speaking at the meeting, Ghani said the council has been formed after many consultations and that it includes different layers of society.

“It is a pride to announce that this meeting is the result of two months of negotiations and consultations,” he said.

He said everyone in this country is on the same page about the peace process.

Sources said the members of the Reconciliation Council are final, but the negotiating team might face some changes.