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Afghan govt, Taliban peace talks to hold in Islamabad today

ISLAMABAD: Peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban to be held tonight in Islamabad, which will be attended by Afghan authorities and Afghan Taliban.

According to sources, Afghan government and Taliban have decided to continue the peace talks, while Pakistan is playing a key role in peace negotiations. Afghan delegation led by Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Hikmat Khalil and Taliban leaders Haji Deen Mohammed, Mulla Khalil, Farhad Ullah and Mulla Abbas have arrived in Islamabad from Afghanistan and Qatar. Taliban’s political participation in Afghanistan will be discussed in Peace Talks. The peace talks have been declared the second round of talks, which had been held in China, while the next phase of talks to be held in China. Agenda was being finalized for talks, which are expected to continue for three days, hence the place and time has been undisclosed.