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Afghan Military Helicopter Crashes, Four Officials Dead

Kabul (September 15, 2018): An Afghan military helicopter has crashed in province of Farah, resulting in death of four army officials.  

According to international news agency, Afghan military helicopter carrying four Army officials to province of Farah, burst into flames during an emergency landing in western Afghanistan.

Spokesperson of Governor of Farah, Nasir Mehri said that weapons and ammunition were also present in the helicopter. Helicopter has been completely destroyed in the accident, killing at least four people, including the pilot and two army officials.

Spokesperson further said that the aircraft was flying from Herat to the neighbouring province of Farah on Friday night when it experienced technical problems. However, their are few chance of terrorist attack in the incident.

It is perttinent to mention that Farah had a stronghold of Taliban and previously there has been multiple attacks.

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