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Afghan Peace Is In Interest Of Region: Junjua

Islamabad (May 10, 2018): National Security Advisor General Retired Nasir Khan Janjua said that peace in Afghanistan is in the vital interest of region, Pakistan and its people who wants peace in Afghanistan.

Speaking at a seminar on the topic “Peace and Development in Afghanistan”, Nasir Khan Janjua said Pakistan has always of the view that peace prevails in Afghanistan, It develop by leaps and bounds, but unfortunately afghan children have only seen war in the country.

We have sympathy with the people of Afghanistan, History have always witnessed Pakistan supported Afghanistan in difficult times, said Junjua.

While talking about effects of Afghan War on Pakistan, National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua said Pakistan sustain most injuries in Afghan war from any other country, 22 thousand officers and security personal martyred in war against terror, whereas 60 thousand Pakistanis have sacrificed their precious life.

National Security Advisor also credited security forces for Karachi operation; he said Law enforcement agencies did operation against lawlessness and extortion, today Karachi is peaceful and city of lights again.

Nasir Janjua said Enemies of Pakistan propagated on Balochistan it resulted damage, we spread love in Balochistan, so people surrender weapons.

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