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Ahsan Declares Shahid Khaqan Arrest As Black Day of Country History

LAHORE: Senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and former interior and planning minister Ahsan Iqbal declared arrest of ex-premier Shahid Khaqan Abbassi as a black day in the history of the country.

Commenting on Shahid Khaqan Abbassi arrest, Ahsan Iqbal talking to media outside the NAB Lahore office, said that the incumbent government is using the state institutions for the political revenge adding that it is another black day in the history of the country while he said that Shahid Khaqan Abbassi has been arrested on a political agenda.

Ahsan Iqbal said that constraint of history is very unkind adding that the government could not be run anymore.

PML-N spokeswoman Maryam Aurangzaib said that another leader of the party was arrested on Whatsapp adding that these circumstances will lead the country to a civil war.

She said that Imran Khan Niazi is objectifying the country in the whole world instead of the PML-N.

The ex-information minister said that the PML-N will not bow down from the tactics of the incompetent premier while she asked the government “how many leaders of the party you are going to arrest adding that every child of the party is Nawaz Sharif and Shahid Khaqan Abbassi.”