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Ahsan Takes Notice of Rangers Takeover of Court’s Security

Islamabad (October 2, 2017): Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Monday took notice of what he said sudden takeover of security of accountability court by Rangers.

Talking to media outside accountability court, Ahsan Iqbal said that today morning a new situation emerged when Rangers took over the security of the court and did not allow lawyers, media persons and PML-N leaders.

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Ahsan said that courts were ‘open spaces’ which supporters and lawyers of the defendant could enter.

The minister said it was only during martial law governments that closed trials were conducted, adding that trials held in democracies are transparent.He said the Islamabad chief commissioner had decided on the names of media personnel and PML-N leaders and supporters who would be allowed to enter the court on Monday. However, he said, the commissioner informed him this morning that “Rangers have suddenly appeared and taken over this place”.

He said that Rangers was under the control of Interior Ministry but was taking order from someone else.The minister said that he could not be a puppet minister, threatening to resign.

He added that he would not allow any institution under his control took orders from somewhere else.Iqbal ordered inquiry into the episode.  The minister said that state within state would not be allowed.

He added that Rangers refused to follow the chief commissioner instructions.

It was the right of the Nawaz Sharif’s aides and media to observe the trial. He said that the trail should be held in open court.

He said that government’s writ was challenged and it would be investigated.

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