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AIIB Shows Conditional Willingness for Investment In Pakistan  

ISLAMABAD: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has showed conditional willingness to invest up to one billion dollars in Pakistan.

The AIIB said it is ready to invest one billion dollars in transport, energy, irrigation and others project if Pakistan prepares comprehensive plan to tackle its economic crisis otherwise the bank will not be able to decide the investment in the country.

Talking to a news conference in the capital city, the AIIB head of communication Laurel Ostfield said that a wide range of investment opportunities existed in Pakistan while Pakistan included in the Bank investment list for preferential countries.

The communication head said that the financial crisis in the country is a hurdle in way of investment while the country doesn’t have any plan to deal with the financial crisis.

He clearly said that the bank cannot take a decision regarding investment in Pakistan until Pakistan made comprehensive plan tackling the financial crisis.

The communication head said that the bank has approved 300 million dollars for fifth extension project of Tarbela and 100 million dollars for M-4 motorway project.

He said that they wished to work with Pakistan for more projects in future. The projects include 100 million dollar worth Karachi Bus Transit Project, 400 million dollars worth Rawalpindi Ring Road Project, 400 million dollar worth Lahore West Water Management Project and 100. 6 million dollars worth Karachi Water and Sewerage Service Project.