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Aisha Bawany College Remains Closed Despite SHC Order

Karachi (September 19, 2017): Despite the Sindh High Court (SHC)  order, Aisha Bawany College was not opened on Tuesday for students.

The college was closed down last week after a lower court issued directives to seal the building on the plea of its trustees.

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However, the school administration moved to Sindh High Court against the lower court decision. The court had ordered to reopen the college.However, despite the SHC order, the college was not opened on Monday and resulted in a protest by students gathered outside and staff of the education department and trustees.

Sindh Education Minister Mehtab Hussain Dahar said the entire issue was reviewed in a meeting in the CM House yesterday, where the advocate general and education department officials were also present.He said the police and education department officers involved in handing over the school to the trust will be taken to task, adding that the decision to suspend an area SHO has also been taken.Dahar claimed he is in contact with the inspector general and classes will begin today at all costs.

Meanwhile, a hearing of the case is set to take place in SHC today. The AG had on Monday filed a contempt petition against the trustees for defying its order of reopening the premises.

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