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Aizaz Chaudhry Asks US to Avoid Collision Course

Washington (January 5, 2018): Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry asked United States to avoid collision course and  called for the two countries to remain engaged with each other and avoid steps that could create tensions and destabilize the region.

 “We should not be on the collision course. That’s the point we want to make because, I think, if we move in that direction both countries will drift apart and I do not think that it is in the interest of either state to drift apart. I think we have got to find ways, more creative ways to build each other’s trust to work together. That’s the direction that we think that we should be going to,” noted Chaudhry.

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He said national security forces have cleared Pakistani soil of all terrorist groups and recalled Islamabad’s “unmatched” contribution in US-led international efforts to stabilize Afghanistan and promote a peaceful settlement of the conflict there.

“Pakistan has also facilitated the U.S and worked together with it to decimate al-Qaida. If you do not hear about al-Qaida today it is because we worked together to a successful end. Pakistan has been providing lines of communications to the US for a long time. It is a partnership to us and it should be measured not in terms of money and monetary value but in terms of the results that we have achieved together,” said Chaudhry.He urged the U.S. administration to focus on addressing the issues of governance, corruption, deteriorating security, emergency of Islamic State in Afghanistan, saying ungoverned spaces in the neighboring country are threatening security in Pakistan and the region in general.


 “So, all these are matters of concern for us because we are suffering because of this and that’s why we have been saying many a times that look you need to address those issues and not place the blame on Pakistan’s doorsteps for all the failure in Afghanistan,” he said.

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