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Ali Azmat to Take a Bike Ride Across Europe

LAHORE: Pakistan’s rock star Ali Azmat is back with a bang, not with a sound track but with an announcement that he will be travelling across Europe on his bike this summer.

The singer posted a video on Facebook to announce that he will be making his way across Europe where he’ll cover 12,000 km in 22 days on a bike.

“It’s going to start from London, England and we’re going to head to France,” the man who gave us the iconic Jazba-e-Junoon said.

Covering France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech and many more, Azmat will complete a full circle back to London.

“This trip has been a lifelong dream that is Insha Allah about to be materialise. Will try to post regular updates when I can so you all can join me on this journey too,” Ali said.

He concluded his post with: “Wish me luck that I can achieve this feat safely. Do keep me in your prayers. Love AA.”