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Alia Bhatt Opens Up About Boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor

MUMBAI: Alia Bhatt calls boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor ‘one of the greatest actors’, says she forgets lines when he performs. 

Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been as much in news about their upcoming films as their relationship. The two Brahmastra actors started dating last year and have been forthcoming about their relationship.

While Ranbir was the first to accept their relationship status, Alia has now opened up about him and his parents, veteran actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor.

Talking to an interview, she called Ranbir the most natural actor she has seen in her life.

“He’s one of the greatest actors. Not only am I fond of him as an actor but a lot of girls and guys admire him as an actor,” she said, adding, “

I usually remember my dialogues well, I never forget my lines while performing a scene but when I watch Ranbir perform, I do forget my dialogues at times… simply because, when Ranbir is emoting, he does it with so much ease. I just keep watching him. I tend to forget about my performance. He has the most honest and simple eyes.”

She also spoke of his parents, Rishi and Neetu.

“Neetuji is a fabulous human being. I can call her a friend. She is chilled out and has a great attitude towards life and I think Ranbir gets that cool, relaxed, chilled out and mast attitude from his mother,” Alia said.

She called Rishi Kapoor unique.

“Whenever you get some time to spend with Rishiji, you just have fun with him since he is unique in his own self. One cannot learn and take away anything from him simply because there is only one Rishi Kapoor.”