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Alleged doctors’ negligence takes life of mother, child at Lady Aitchison Hospital

LAHORE: Alleged doctors’ negligence has taken the lives of a 18-year-young mother Sumbul and her child at Lady Aitchison Hospital here. Sumbul’s family and relatives continue staging protest outside the hospital while taken notice of alleged negligence of the doctors Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has summoned a report fro secretary health.

According to details resident of Mughapura Sumbul was brought to Lady Aitchison Hospital where she and her child died due to alleged negligence of the doctors.

When Sunbul’s family protested against hospital administration it locked family members and media representatives in a room but the agitated family members tortured hospital staff and broke open te locks.

According to protestors all of Sumbul’s tests were clear and there was no medical threat but she and her child died due to negligence of the doctors.