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An Epidemic Of Viral Infection In Karachi

Karachi (November 07, 2018): Influenza disease has become a threat for a number of citizens especially children and old age people with the advent of Winter season.

Senior Director Medical Health Services Doctor Birbal Ginani, said the department concerned must introduce a proper public health policy to control the spread of seasonal diseases especially influenza.

According to doctors, a lot of patients were suffering from serious health consequences due to spread of influenza virus, therefore, its vaccination is a must for the children, adults and even elderly people to prevent them from further health deterioration.

The school kids were mostly suffering from influenza these days and their parents should take it seriously and ensure their proper treatment before sending them to school to avoid spread of this viral infection which can really catch the other kids having less immunity, they said.

More than 50 percent disease can be controlled with the help of vaccination however rest of it can be cured with wearing warm clothes, avoiding beverages and taking soups and fresh juices, they advised.

Flu vaccine is made from an activated form of influenza virus and virus component cannot cause any element of disease.

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