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Another Raped Girl Killed in India

NEW DELHI: Another 23-year-old alleged rape victim here, lost her life on Saturday. She was burnt by rapists two days ago (Thursday), on her way to court.

According to Indian media, the girl was gang raped in Indian city Unnao last year, she also filed a case against the incident. Five men were arrested by the police in the case. The arrested accused were released last week following a bail.

The woman was on her way to a hearing in the case she filed against two men (rapists), in Uttar Pradesh state.

She was on her way to a train station when a group of men assaulted her and dragged her to a nearby field, where they set her on fire, according to reports in local media.

The girl sustained 90% burn injuries. She succumbed to her burns and lost her life.

Police has arrested five accused who set the girl on fire. Meanwhile, the father of the girl said, ‘The accused should have been gunned down by the police’.

It is pertinent to mention here, that Indian state Telangana’s city Hyderabad recently witnessed a similar case of rape, where a 26-year-old Vet was raped and burnt to death by four men. Four of the accused were arrested by the police.

Yesterday, when the accused tried to escape, police shot down four of them in an encounter.