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Former Anti-Corruption Officer Sends Sindh Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department Corruption Scandal To NAB

Karachi: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has been asked to investigate the mega corruption scandal of the department of culture and tourism.

As per details, the anti-corruption east zone has sent the mega scandal to the NAB after Qanasro brothers constantly erecting hurdles in the inquiry against them.

Former Deputy Director of Anti Corruption East Zone Zameer Abbassi has sent the complete file to the NAB. More inquiry has been recommended in the file against DG department of culture and tourism Sindh, Manzoor Qanasroo his brother Roshan Qanasroo, account officer Hakim Rahojo and against many others on the charges of making illegal assets, incurring heavy losses to national exchequer.

Besides that names of Nawaz Abro, Muddasir Khachi, Ikhtiar Mangi, Zaheer Sheikh, Gulshan Kalieri and other also included in it while names of Wali Allah Bhutto and other contractors names have also been included.

Sources said that files also contained name of family of Hakim Rahjo, his brother by law, his frontman Luqman while the anti corruption also recommended making the family of Qansroo brothers, relatives part of the investigations.

The anti corruption letter said that Qanasroo system conducted an organized corruption and incurred losses of billion of rupees to the national exchequer.