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Anti-Pakistan Banners: Rabbani Suspends Pak-Swiss Friendship

Islamabad (September 21, 2017): Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said on Thursday has suspended the Pak-Swiss Friendship Group after the consultation with the members of the senate during the session.

The decision was made after the Law Minister Zahid Hamid, on behalf of the foreign minister, made a statement in the house about a Free Balochistan poster campaign being run by a designated terrorist organization — the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) — in Geneva, Switzerland.

The chairman senate Rabbani said the Foreign Office should take some serious steps and convey its reservations to the Swiss government in the strongest possible terms because “terrorism was being exported to Pakistan from Swiss soil”.

He asked the Foreign Office to expel the Swiss envoy from Pakistan, amidst thumping of desks by members from both sides of the aisle. What was happening in Geneva was a clear violation of the international law and the UN charter, he observed.

“As per UN laws no state can’t promote terrorism in other state while International Court of Justice has also clarified that no country can intervene in affairs of other country,” Rabbani said.

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Zahid Hamid informed the Senate that Pakistan’s mission in Geneva had observed last week that posters titled “Free Balochistan” had been displayed in well-frequented areas of Geneva, sponsored by “Baluchistan House”. These incl­u­ded paper and digital posters as well as banners posted on public transport vehicles. The Balochistan House is said to be an affiliate of the BLA.

“The display of such publicity material is a serious violation of Pakistan’s territorial integrity and of international law and the UN charter. In view of the connections which India maintains with Baloch separatist leaders, and the fact that a large amount of money has been spent, it is obvious that India is behind this campaign,” he said, adding that use of Swiss soil by terrorists and foreign-sponsored secessionists for nefarious designs against Pakistan was totally unacceptable.

The law minister said the Swiss government had been asked to be alert about the presence of BLA terrorists or elements linked with such terrorists in Geneva. He said that in his second communication with the Swiss authorities he had asked them to immediately remove the posters and banners from public places and transport vehicles and prevent such recurrence in future.

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