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Ice Melting: Qureshi, Sushhma Talks Informally At Bishkek

BISHKEK: Finally, Foreign ministers of two arch-rival countries-Pakistan and India- called on each other informally as Shah Mahmood Qureshi met Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj after completion of Shangai Cooperation Council (SCO) foreign ministers council meeting.

The two foreign ministers called on in a lobby where the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) foreign ministers council meeting was held.

Indian and Pakistani counterparts exchanged interesting chit-chat as Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said to Shah Mahmood Qureshi that she brought sweets with her so that “your bitterness could be removed.”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi replying the Indian counterpart said that “we already speak in a sweet manner.”

He said that Pakistan had already vowed ready to talk with India as PM had said if India came forward a step Pakistan would move two steps forward.

Earlier in the day, a clip has been doing rounds on the social media in which it is clearly witnessed that as Indian Foreign Minister saw the Pakistani counterpart she distance away from his position to avoid him.