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Argument Between Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar, Citizen

Karachi (September 14, 2018): MQM’s leader and Mayor of Karachi, Waseem Akhtar recently had a clash with a citizen.

According to details, Mayor Karachi, Waseem Akhtar was examining the construction of road in F.B. area last night, when he had an argument with a citizen.Argument erupted between the two when citizen pointed out Waseem Akhtar, that its not the correct way of doing this work, upon which Mayor lost his cool and had an argument with citizen.

While, answering the citizen on the occasion, Waseem Akhtar said, ‘you should behave’. He further said that its his job and he knows how to do it, upon which, citizen replied, ‘don’t teach me how to behave, I’m a college professor’.

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