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Artificial Water Crisis Is Being Created In City, Alleges Saeed Ghani

KARACHI: Provincial local body’s Minister Saeed Ghani said that some people wanted to create artificial water crisis aimed at initiating ethnic riots in the city.

Talking to media persons in the Sindh Assembly Provincial local body’s Minister Saeed Ghani said that dollar prices soared to a Rs 160 mark due to the government’s incompetence adding that the inflation, increased prices of power and gas are the adventures of this PTI-led government.

Provincial local body’s Minister urged the masses to force their elected representative not to allow the budget got passed.

Reminding the allied party of ruling PTI, Muttahida Qaumi Movement to its past actions, Saeed Ghani said that the MQM used to of demanding to decrease petroleum prices whenever it raised in the PPP era when it was the PPP ally, with that he stressed the MQM to demand the same to the PTI government.

The minister said that the department of solid waste management is working only in the three districts of the metropolis.

He alleged that some people in the city wanted to create the artificial scarcity of the water and they open the walls at the water-board hydrants so that the water could not be reached in the respective areas.