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Asad Umar Steps Down As Finance Minister

ISLAMABAD: Asad Umar, the recent one to fall off of the federal cabinet, has bid farewell to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led Government, saying that he had a great time as finance minister under the leadership of Imran Khan.

In his press conference in the federal capital, Asad Umar wished luck to PTI and announced his decision of parting ways with the federal cabinet.

He said that the federal government should brace itself to make some tough decisions in order to change affairs of Pakistan.

“Prime Minister wants to reshuffle the federal cabinet and an announcement regarding it will come very soon”, the PTI leader claimed, adding that he himself wanted to come and give an explanatory statement on the affair and answer all queries.

Commenting on the approval of recent bailout package, he said, “We have finalized with IMF on bailout package on much better terms compared to the conditions previous governments agreed on”.

When asked a question, he affirmed that he will no longer be a federal minister, however, he will not part ways with the party.

“I do not know if there was a conspiracy rooted behind my removal. I was only asked about the matter [tendering resignation] last night”, Asad added.

He extended the message of thankfulness to the people of NA54, adding that Imran Khan would not have been prime minister without efforts of the youngsters.