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Ashes series: 4rth Test between  England and Australia to be held today

Fourth test of Ashes series would be held between England and Australia on August 6 (today) at Nottingham, while host team, England has lead with 2-1 in the series of five matches.

At the end of three tests of the oldest Ashes cricket against Australia, who has loss of 2-1, while they need to win the 4rth test to return back in the series, while in case of match draw, Australia could not title Ashes trophy because England is the defending champion of Ashes.

However, in three matches at Cardiff in England, England made 179 runs in the first test match, while in the second match, Australia made 405 runs and named the title with a large margin, meanwhile, England was succeeded by eight wickets in the 3rd test at Birmingham.