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Asif Zardari Indicted in the Park Lane Reference

ISLAMABAD: an accountability Court (AC) of Islamabad has indicted all the accused in the Park Lane Reference including former president Asif Ali Zardari.

The AC Judge Azam Khan indicted the all the accused in the Park Lane reference including co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Asif Zardari, Anwar Majeed and others. The court indicted the former president through video link as Asif Ali Zardari appeared before the court from Bilawal house Karachi while attendence of all the accused were marked through the video link.

All the accused denied the crime.

As hearing started, Asif Ali Zardari requested the court not to indict him today as his counsel is present in the court while Judge replied “your counsel knew about today’s hearing and you will be indicted today adding that accused presence is mandatory in framing the charges while we will write in the indictment “your counsel was busy in the Supreme Court.”

Judge said ” your counsel can send his assoiciate today adding that there is two simple questions in English and you reply it after hearing these”, to which, Asif Zardari said ” you should write in your order that I was indicted in absence of my counsel.” while Judge Azam Khan responded ” the charge is alaway framed on the accused and if accused cousel not appear befor the court then we will not compel him.”

Judge read the charges which said ” You (Asif Ali Zardari) as a president of Pakistan influnced issuing loan to front companies adding that with bad intentions you got issued your company Parthinoon Rs 1.5 billion loan while you were director of Park Lane Company and hatched the forgery. ”

Judge indicting the former president said ” you used amount got from fraud for your purposes while these amount was sent to fake bank accounts.”

The co-accused in the case Anwar Majeed was also indicted through the video link while others who were indicted included Sher Ali, Farooq Abdullah, Muhammad Saleem Faisal and Muhammad Haneef.