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At least 23 Dead as Train Derails in India

New Delhi (August 19, 2017): The death toll of Train Accident is increasing. According to the update, at least 23 people have expired in the sad accident.

Emergency workers were pulling people out of mangled, upended carriages and rushing the wounded to hospital after five coaches derailed early on Saturday evening.

“Ten people have died and dozens have been injured. Most of the injured have been taken to the hospital,” said P S Mishra, chief medical officer for the area, by phone.

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Police said the casualties were being rushed to hospital, but they were unable to give numbers.

India´s railway network is still the main form of long-distance travel in the vast country, but it is poorly funded and deadly accidents often occur.

Less than a year ago 146 people died in a similar disaster in Uttar Pradesh.

A 2012 government report said almost 15,000 people were killed every year on India´s railways and described the loss of life as an annual “massacre”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi´s government has pledged to invest $137 billion over five years to modernise the crumbling railways, making them safer, faster and more efficient.