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ATC disposes of Rangers appeal, upholds decision allowing Waseem Akhtar to leave abroad

An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) of Karachi on Thursday (today) has allowed nominated mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar to go abroad rejecting Rangers appeal against the court earlier decision to allow Akhtar to leave for abroad.

The Rangers counsel argued the ATC over allowing Waseem Akhtar to visit foreign that the nominated mayor has serious allegations and we were informed through media that Waseem Akhtar was leaving for abroad and a high level inquiry against him is in progress, so, his name should be put into Exit Control List (ECL) and he should be barred to leave for abroad.

While Waseem Akhtar counsel declared the rangers petition against the law.

Talking on the occasion the nominated mayor said that after getting permission and he will not runaway adding that he is the nominated mayor of sixth largest city of the world and felt rue after listening such allegations.

The ATC rejected the appeal of Rangers to put Waseem Akhtar name in the ECL and allowed the nominated mayor to leave abroad.