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ATR Plane Crash: Case Took New Turn On Revelation Of Former Deputy Chief Engineer

Karachi: National Carrier’s ATR crash case on Thursday took a new turn in Sindh High Court (SHC) as former deputy chief engineer has challenged the government report saying that the ATR plane was developed fault back in 2013.

On the petitioner report , the court has sought reply from Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The former deputy cheif engineer and petitioner revealed that the ATR plane had devoloped fault back in 2013 and its all the record of its fault is exist while the petitioner prayed to the court to ground all the ATR planes immediately running under the umbrella of the national carrier.

He further informed the court that regarding fault the PIA administration was timely informed while he also declared the report presented by the PIA and the CAA as a fake.

On the revelations of ex-deputy chief engineer, the court has sought response from the PIA and the CAA.

The ATR plane had met an accident back in December 7, 2016 while as many as 47 people were lost their lives including famous scholar Junaid Jamshaid and his second wife.