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Attempts to Resolve Deadly Tribal Dispute That Has Killed 29

Shikarpur (July 12, 2017): A leader of Peoples Party Amanullah and elders of the area have got active to resolve the deadly dispute between Badhani and Saad Khanani communities that has extinguished 29 lives and injured over 50 others so far.

The delegation of the peace makers lead by Amanullah met the chiefs of both the communities to resolve the deadly dispute which is going on for years.

During the meeting the Saad khanani tribe expressed willingness to make peace. However, the Saad Khanani community demanded the other group to first confess that it got two of its people murdered in police encounter.

The situation demands the chiefs of powerful Jatoi tribe to get involved to to settle the disputes between the warring facilities, Amanullah stressed.

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