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People-Smuggling in Australia, Over 600 Criminals Arrested

Sydney (July 24, 2018): More than 600 people-smugglers have been arrested across six countries since Australia introduced its hardline border regime.

The military operation began in September 2013 and has managed to halt the flood of boat arrivals that characterised previous Labor administrations.Before the conservatives took power and adopted a zero-tolerance stance, an estimated 50,000 asylum-seekers flooded into Australia on more than 800 boats over the previous five years.

Hundreds more, many from war-torn Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, died at sea during the treacherous journey.Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, said that people-smugglers are an evil scourge who are looking for innocent men, women and children to take money from them.

He further said that attempts to smuggle 2,500 people had since been stopped, with 33 boats turned back, mostly to Indonesia.Moreover, Peter Dutton thanked the governments of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia who have helped in deterring those boats and those ventures, and also for their involvement in the arrests of people-smugglers involved in this evil trade.

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