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Ayan’s Name Was Used Only To Create Propaganda: PPP Chairman

LONDON: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday claimed that he has never done corruption in his entire life and controversial model Ayan Ali’s name was brought up only to create propaganda against him.

While addressing a presser in London city, Bilawal was quoted saying, “An illogical Propaganda was created against me by bringing up the name of Ayan Ali. She is not an advisor to the Sindh Government, is she?”

Expressing his thoughts over ongoing money laundering and fake bank accounts case against 172 individuals including prominent faces of PPP including his father Asif Zardari and aunt Faryal Talpur, Bilawal said that injustice is prevailing.

“Our review petition was dismissed only after hearing my lawyer’s words for three minutes. The notice was taken on Benami accounts all of a sudden. This matter is not regarding human rights”, said PPP chairman.