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Backdoor contacts between Nawaz, Zardari help evolve consensus on military courts

ISLAMABAD: The recent impasse over revival of military courts revealed that there was some sort of understanding between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Co-chairman Pakistan People Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari.

As the PPP was opposing two-years extension in military court tenure and was stuck to its proposal that there should be session judge in the military courts, sources said, that backdoor contacts with Zardari by Prime Minister worked to convince PPP to accept the two-year extension.

Sources said that the backdoor contacts between the two leaders led to break the impasse. They said that the two leader engaged messages through intermediaries over the issue. They also exchanged view over constitution of parliamentary committee to investigate the recent revelation of former Pakistan ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani.

Sources said that the former President was annoyed over the demand by PML-N leader and Defence Minister Khwaja Asif to form a parliamentary commission to probe into the revelations.

They said that Zardari had reportedly reprimanded leaders of his party for supporting the proposal to form the commission to probe the issue.