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Bangladesh: Landslides, Heavy Rains Kill 111

Dhakka (June 13, 2017): Landslides and heavy rains have taken at least 111 lives in South East Bangladesh, while several people buried in their homes as they were sleeping.

Three children from the same family were also killed in the disaster, which came just weeks after a cyclone battered the area. Thousands of camps of Rohingya refugees have been destroyed.

Police warned that the death toll would likely rise as emergency workers reached remote parts of the Chittagong Hills, where telephone and transport links had been cut.

Several victims belonged to tribal communities in the remote hill district of Rangamati, which is close to the Indian border, while 35 people were killed in mudslides, which buried them with their homes.

At least 16 people were died in the neighboring district of Chittagong, where at least 126 people lost their lives when a massive landslide buried a village a decade ago.

Monsoon rains in Bangladesh’s southern hill districts frequently trigger deadly landslides.

Heavy monsoon rains also pounded the capital Dhaka and the port city of Chittagong in the district of the same name, which experienced 222 millimeters of rain, disrupting traffic for hours.

A ferry sank in the river Buriganga on Monday evening In Dhaka, while 100 passengers were estimated aboard.

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