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Bani Gala Case: SC Orders Removal Of Encroachments

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Thursday, while hearing the Bani Gala case, issued directives for removing all encroachments.

A two-member bench of the SC headed by the Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case pertaining to the illegal construction in Bani Gala.

As per details, during the hearing, Justice Gulzar in his remarks questioned Chairman Capital Development
Authority (CDA) Amir Ali that did he implemented the court’s orders. To this, he responded that the court’s orders were not implemented till to date.

The court in its remarks said that the main aim of forming Islamabad a capital of the country is now dead as all the jungles have been chopped and the cleanliness is in its worst state.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in his remarks expressed anger toward chairman CDA and told him that his performance is not satisfactory, you should get yourself transferred.

At this, Chairman CDA pleaded the court that he wanted to say something. To which, the honourable Justice Gulzar refused to hear from the CDA’s chief and said that he knows everything. The Kashmir highway is still incomplete, Justice Gulzar added.

“What’s your role as a chairman of the CDA? Are you just responsible for selling plots and making slums?”  Justice Gulzar questioned.

“Overall state of the federal capital is even worse than the Karachi and Lahore,” he added.

At this, the chairman CDA in his response promised the court to work for the betterment of the federal capital. To which, Justice Gulzar in his remarks questioned “What is your plan? If you say so we will merge CDA and Municipal Corporation of Islamabad.

Chairman CDA then asked for a time of one month to show his progress which was accepted by the court.

The court then adjourned the hearing for a month.